“Network” is an intervention in space that would take place in the form of a two-day performance during the Mikser Festival. The performance would consist of several units and would take place at one location within the Zornica house complex. The place for the performance is designed to be in front of a large tree and slightly separated from the hustle and bustle of events, to achieve synergy between the artist and nature.

What does the tree have to do with the network, positive action and the influence of the individual on society? The author was originally inspired by a ritual that still takes place today in Turkey, where, according to legend, the devil found his paradise and where he was instantly transformed. At that place, there is now a tree where people hang notes with wishes and prayers.



Dea Dzankovic (February 26, 1991) lives and works in Belgrade, and has spent the last few years between Istanbul, Berlin, and Belgrade. In Istanbul, she completed a master’s degree in visual arts at Sabanci University, in Berlin she did an internship at the media house In Between Media, and in London, she published two academic articles. In Belgrade, he is engaged in directing, photography, music, and writing. So far, she has presented short films, photographs, and poetry in Serbia, Germany, Italy, Greece, and Turkey. So far, she has exhibited independently, as well as in group exhibitions.