The authors’ idea seeks to raise awareness that a person is a participant who has hope and responsibility for it, which is not limited to his life but also encompasses the lives of all other people. Hope is born in every being, and it is realized from the outside. Thanks to that, the authors are in unity with everything that exists and what they want to create. Closely connected with the emotion of hope is freedom, and it is not reflected in anarchy and insanity, but on the contrary, in respect and responsibility.





Tamara Vukovljak graduated from the “Svetozar Markovic” high school in Subotica in 2010, after which she enrolled at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade. After a certain time, he decided to enroll at the Faculty of Applied Arts, Department of Applied Sculpture and she achieved that in 2018. Together with Dora Andjelkovic, she participated in the competition announced by MIKSER HOUSE in 2020, and they took the 3rd place.

Dora Andjelković graduated from the art high school “Tehnoart Belgrade”, majoring in jewelry. After that, he enrolled at the Faculty of Applied Arts, Department of Applied Sculpture. She had a joint exhibition at Manak’s House and Politics 2018. and worked on a project called “1217, The Coronation of Stephen the First-Crowned” in 2019.