After a year we all want to forget, we have gathered a critical mass of experts, activists, decision-makers, and representatives of the private sector around crucial topics: clean water and air, healthy land, healthy urban living, and design innovations in the service of a sustainable future. This year, we pay special attention to social justice and the attitude towards the most sensitive groups in our society.

The dialogue will take place in the physical space of the Zornić House, where most of the participants in the program will symbolically mark the new beginning of communication that took place through digital platforms with their physical presence, with all precautions. A large number of guests from the country, the region, and Europe who will come to the green oasis near Belgrade will try to answer the questions: How much has the pandemic slowed down the processes we are talking about, and how much has it accelerated? Have we learned any lessons from this biblical-like situation? To what extent did empathy and solidarity become much more present and show the way to go when it is most difficult? To what extent was the pandemics just an excuse for unfinished business?

On this, but also on the main question of the festival – How to prepare for the day after and how to regain creative energy and optimism, which are necessary to get out of the darkest period of recent human history. The talks will be live-streamed so that as many people as possible can receive messages and conference conclusions. Follow us through the Mikser Youtube channel!


Download the detailed conference program HERE.