The multimedia installation is a continuation of the 2017 Genius Loci photo series, created by studying infrared (IR) photography, recycling, botany, and the do-it-yourself approach with a focus on the process of biodegradation and nature conservation. The installation would be made of recycled newsprint with indigenous seeds of plants selected to symbolically, aesthetically, and experimentally form a rounded whole together with a black and white landscape. The selected landscape of dark water and sky, white dormant trees, and fuzzy dry sandy vegetation was created due to the sensitivity of the film to the infrared spectrum. The sun feeds the plants with its light, which later releases the IR spectrum in the hottest part of the day. The light awakens the dormant germs in the photograph itself, which after maturing continue their life cycle outside the gallery space.



Milica Nikolic is a visual artist who works in the field of experimental techniques of photography and design while respecting the basic principles of protection of cultural property. After graduating from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade in 2010, her works were presented at the Tokyo University of Photography, while she exhibited individually and in groups in several countries. She lives and works in Zemun as an independent photographer and restorer of archival material on projects aimed at preserving cultural heritage, especially preventive protection of photographic collections and archives.