“Soba beznađa” is a spatial installation that deals with the feeling of hopelessness, the time that flows and never waits, the nostalgia for childhood, and the uncertainty of the future. “Room of Hopelessness” is the result of the materialization of imaginary space – a space that is a reflection of how the author feels in the real, physical space of his room.

The work consists of a bed whose mattress is covered with dark bedding, a dark blanket and a pillow, made as if someone is lying in bed. Around the bed, on the entire surface of the floor, there are alarm clocks, oriented towards the bed and arranged to associate with a minefield – which prevents getting out of the bed. There is a table across the bed with a typewriter on it.



Nikola Stojadinovic je rođen 16. septembra 1998. u Novom Sadu. Student je četvrte godine osnovnih studija Scenske arhitekture, tehnike i dizajna na Fakultetu tehničkih nauka u Novom Sadu. Bio je urednik dva programa Scenske laboratorije “Borislav Gvojić” – “Scenlab_bioskop” i “Scenlab_dancefloor” na Fakultetu tehničkih nauka. Volontirao je na više umetničkih i pozorišnih festivala poput BITEF, FIST i IMPULS festival.