We are surrounded by design, visual communications, objects, in the time when design dictates our values, opinions, habits, belonging to different social groups. Isn’t it important we know what is good design, and how to make one? Through the combination of theoretical lectures, case studies and practical workshops, participants learn about design thinking, methodology, processes and creative skills

The topic of swings guided the participants through a series of research and smaller tasks in order to get better acquainted with the main task. The teams, defining the concepts behind their projects, each different and interesting in their own way, produced four unique products – swings with character. At the following seminar, the authors have designed promotional video material, short films through which they better presented their products.


1+ Authors/ Ognjen Bašić, Uroš Dursun, Katarina Stanojlović, Mina Stojanov, Jana Tošić, Boban Živanović

A swing that is almost impossible to use on your own. It requires two synchronized persons to behave as one in order to have an enjoyable swing.



Authors/ Stevan Crnogorac, Strahinja Jovanović, Bojan Krak, Marija Maslać, Sofija Milčić

A swing that is designed for one or a few people whose movement reenacts the floating and interaction of clouds and everyone’s swinging directly influences the other people on it.



Authors / Anastasija Ivanović, Sonja Jovanović, Jovana Mališić, Teodora Novak, Emilija Parezanović

A special swing for resting and hiding under a baldachin of ropes creates an intimate atmosphere for one or two people.



Authors / Jovan Maslar,  Tijana Mijušković, Peđa Milovančević, Ana Stanojević, Simona Vlček

This Module is an arrhythmic swing. All of its parameters vary, its interactive construction has no rules and brings harmony out of chaos.