Picnic 2021

The exhibition “Picnic” is a selection of final works of students of undergraduate studies in Interior Design at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts from Belgrade. The works represent a series of research projects that have resulted in functional prototypes and represent the authors’ relationship to the main theme of the exhibition. Picnic as a form of fun, enjoyment, and relaxation, a type of excursion that is arranged with friends and family in a picturesque open and natural environment.

Milijana Perovicc-Project Tomunaka

The main theme was born as a response and reaction to the global situation in which we currently live: like prisoners of their own homes, separated from dear people, in mortal fear of touch and communications.

Nataša Latkovic- Projekat Comfy

Creative thinking is stimulated by a critical look at the world where interaction, interpersonal, as well as with nature, almost completely transferred to the digital environment, moving us away from tactile, sensory – analog – spontaneous experience and enjoyment, hence nature itself.

The creative process is guided by the idea that WE – HUMANS are inseparable, an integral part of the nature of the world, who share his destiny and future. That is why we should reconsider our actions and behaviors, starting with us DESIGNERS as the driving force of the positive change.

Petar Zivkovic – Project Pik

In their works, students will highlight the design process and related problem solving, to show changes and innovations that take into account the needs of users and the living environment, while giving a constructive critique of the current global situation.

By encouraging and supporting spontaneous user behavior, we will provide a unique opportunity for a comprehensive design experience through the usability, usefulness, and desirability gained in interacting with products in an outdoor exhibition environment.

Nevena Vasic – Project Flexy

Exhibition curators and project mentors:

Assistant Professor Vesna Pejović / Associate Marija Kojić

Authors and projects: Nevena Vasić (FLEXY mat), Natasa Latković (Comfy), Petar Živković (Pik), Tara Mikić (O), Milijana Perović (Tomunaka)

Tara Mikic – Projekat O


Mikser Festival 2021, Zornica House, 26th-28th May


International Picnic Day, June 18, 2021

Faculty of Contemporary Arts

Svetozara Miletića 12, Belgrade