Stočić Sofra interprets the centuries-old tradition of the Balkan region – the ritual of socializing and drinking coffee, pointing out the aspects of sustainability and the huge amount of coffee residue that is generated daily in every Balkan household. The project considers ways to reuse coffee waste for the purpose of innovative material for the furniture industry and other products, by combining it with biodegradable polymers without harming the environment. The designers decided to make a plate material suitable for the materialization of a low table top – sofra, characteristic in the cultures of the Balkans precisely for the ritual of drinking coffee, which closes both the ecological and symbolic circle.




Andjela Jerinic is a graphic designer from Belgrade with a strong interest and talent for typography. She graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade and works as a designer in the creative studio Metaklinika. In her free time, she develops further her multidisciplinary talents through various projects, such as the Young Balkan Designers platform where two of Andjela’s works in the field of industrial design were selected for product development and participation in an international traveling exhibition.




Milija Cpajak grew up in Belgrade, in a family that nurtures art. He completed his undergraduate and Master’s studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Department of Sculpture. As a scholarship holder of the French government, he spent one semester of master studies at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris (2017). After his studies, through exhibiting and realizing various art projects, he actively participates in the art scene. He won the second prize at the competition of the Niš Art Foundation (2017). In the same year, he traveled to Korea, where he received recognition for the realized sculpture at a group exhibition. Being a part of the Marble and Sounds manifestation in Arandjelovac, as a guest artist, he realized a sculpture in a public space (2020).