The multimedia interdisciplinary art project ‘Timekeeper’ deals with the research of the phenomenon of time and the phenomenon of fantasy in art (the generic power of fantasy in dreams), as imaginary times, which are constantly intertwined from the immeasurable point of the present, which represents the only time of physical reality.

This expanded cinema is designed to be viewed on multiple screens simultaneously (in several different rooms or in the same room but on different walls), where the audience moving through space selects the desired content they want to watch, thus performing perceptual performance.



Stevan Lutovac, was born in 1986 in Cetinje, Montenegro.

Lutovac is actively involved in painting, sound design, video art, and film. He played major roles in several domestic and foreign films. As a producer and author, he participated in a number of experimental films and video works. He is also the organizer and one of the founders of the international multimedia art festival ARTist Montenegro. He is a member of ULUS, the extended media section.