Talas is a furniture collection made of 300 to 5000-year-old bog oak, taken out of the Sava river. The material is created by the natural preservation of a tree that has fallen and was trapped in a riverbed for centuries. The main idea is to capture a single moment of water’s motion and carve it into the 3000-year-old wood to recreate the haptic experience of the river.




Sara was born in 1987. in Ljubljana. She graduated in 2014. at Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana. During studies, she worked in a studio of architect and visual artist Apolonija Šušteršič. In the last year of the study program, she spent one semester at Academie van bouwkunst in Amsterdam and worked at “2021 Architecten” in Rotterdam. After engagements with European Architecture Students Assembly, DUKZ and Kabinet, she is freelancing and leading Studio Prapra. Sara has received numerous awards and merits, among which commission by the Brumen Foundation stands out.