The obelisk is dead

The forthcoming conceptual solution is contained in 3 connected units that in their own way reform the term of hope as part of the reform of the idea of death and life.

1 – The first, conceptual representation of space is given through the existence of POARCH forms dealing with dark themes and in the synergy of poetry and architecture, explaining the cycle of death.

2 – The idea of life and its light in the conceptual video is presented through a definite reformation of the notion of death. In that way, in the third cycle, the action of hope will be enabled.

3 – The previously mentioned actions in the first and second cycle will be presented through the OBELISK. The very name of the entire work: THE OBELISK IS DEAD, refers to the light energy of the Sun as a motif of hope presented to the Earth. The planned Obelisk is materially conceived as a glass form of medium dimensions.





Vuk Pekovic – VOGEK, born in 2000 in Cetinje, is a visual artist and writer living in Niksic (Montenegro). After graduating from the High School of Economics and Catering in 2019, he enrolled at the Faculty of Visual Arts FVU at the University “Mediterranean” in Podgorica, where he is currently attending the second year. He writes prose and poetry, choreography and body movement, photography, video production, music, and painting. He is one of the members of the informal group Tavan production, from Nikšić, which was founded in 2018.