26-28 May 2021/Mikser Festival/Zornića kuća

05-10 September 2021/Salone del Mobile/Milan

Young Balkan Designers 2021: Circular Design

Young Balkan Designers (YBD) is a regional open call, is initiative to promote young Balkan talents in the field of design. The main goal is to give young creative people the opportunity to express themselves, realize their concepts, learn about production processes and expand their network through educational activities, exhibitions, events, and festivals.

The jury of one of the most relevant international events in the world of design included the winners of the Mikser competition among the participants in the prestigious talent show “Salone Satellite”, whose slogan this year is: “Design for our future”. Before leaving for Milan, the premiere of the circular design exhibits will take place in the 12th edition of the Mikser Festival in the natural surroundings of the Zornić House, 26th-28th May 2021.

When we think about the waste we produce, we mostly focus on the end of a product’s lifecycle, its new use or recycling. But, what if we designed the product in a new way at the very beginning of the process? If we design it in a circular way? We look for new generations of designers who are ready to redefine design as we know it and pave the way for a circular way of thinking, looking beyond one lifecycle of a product that will be used by one consumer only, developing solutions that allow for multiple users and multiple users and designing products, concepts and services as preconditions for the future of our planet.

The designers whose works will be shown are Marija Kojić from Serbia, George Bosnas from Greece, Sara Badovinac from Slovenia, Milija Čpajak and Andjela Jerinić from Serbia, Maja Repotočnik from Slovenia.

Boreal, Gir, Nunc, Prostoria, Zanat, Center for Creativity Slovenia enabled young designers to make their prototypes, share the market experience with them and help them start their professional careers.