Ghost Project theme for 2024 – “Microcosm” invites young product designers to explore the often-overlooked realms of small-scale interventions and incremental innovations that have the potential to transform our microcosms into a more sustainable and socially thriving environment for all. From the overlooked corners of urban landscapes to the intricacies of objects we use in our daily lives, there is a wealth of untapped potential waiting to be unleashed through clever and witty micro-improvements that may appear modest in scale but with the potential to make a substantial impact on sustainability, social equity, health and wellbeing, urban resilience, and much more.

Ghost Project is an international platform for talents in the field of product design. Starting as a small local exhibition of unexecuted projects in 2006, Ghost Project has grown into a significant regional review of design talents from around the world, enhancing the exchange between designers from different cultural backgrounds and giving a unique insight into the upcoming generation of designers who will be shaping our future.